Thursday, June 03, 2004

Point taken.Nannys can be a sound choice for children - but we are not children---The Point here is that we seem to be being treated like them - someone to be coralled and cajolled by the powerful? Even for children nannys are expensive models and we want our democracracies to work, not go out backwards by offending the taxpayer and the "professional " carer.
Many of our democracies are too expensive for what you get - Our leaders know this, but they don't really know where to get good big picture advice about efficency. I am not writing the answer here, but it's been in stark black and white for centuries.

Advice ignored,it becomes the old vacuum at the top syndrome. If we don't suggest to our leaders that there are "other ways to do and see things" they may well believe what their best mates (the lawyers )believe;
that laws are wonderful things -- what else is there !

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

After seeing how some natural mothers can impair the development of their children ,I am not sure I am against nannies. Is nannyism is the right word for the disease?

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

BE QUIET - you are making too much noise
Australia Institute report provides an account of the important role played by NGOs in public debate in Australia.
The results of the survey describe the obstacles NGOs face in getting their message heard.
We told em try blogging - its better
The report "indicate an alarming level of concern within the NGO sector abouthow governments,....., attempt to
silence dissenting voices".

The report will be posted on The Australia Institute's website (www.tai.org.au) on Wednesday morning.

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