Monday, March 29, 2010

Mark Weber has to tell Brumby the obvious 

Your running a nanny state mate ! Why doesn't he see it himself ?
What can Mr Brumby do?
The disease is rampant and many sourced .
One thing he can do this week -------
Stop the fanatical elements in his inner circle from trying to control the world with mere words (The EOA) . The jewel in the crown of Victoria's legal system( the appeals court) is overloaded with all the attention it gets from the dumbest school of all;  the school of mere description.
Now they want VCAT to look at job decscriptions and see whether they conform to the mere words polys have chosen.

Hulls thinks he's improving education . Maybe He and Gillard would solve all our education problems if they got together ? Maybe a bit of power has gone to their heads

Thursday, March 18, 2010

We can look after you, and we will ! 

Rudd s team on the revolution trail   Early 2010
What are you - godlike ?
(Can't believe the last post on this blog was in 2005 ).

So what has all this got to do with Rudd' s team at the start of autumn 2010?
The strange belief that the bureau is going to lead the revolution . Not only the health revolution but the education revolution,  and last but not least the hot air revolution .
You haven't heard of the hot air revolution ( you probably won't after this year because it was mostly hot air) it was the attempt to reign in the invisible forcing agents of disaster for our planet. WoW
I guess if the Labor party under Rudd is GOD , then they can do anything and going on the way we pysch ourselves up to being what we are not - we must have self belief to |WIN its rational in a funny short term fiz kind of way.
This is not a football game . This is a paper warfare and while no blood is being split in the office it must be the greatest bit of false ambition and useless logomachy in modern history . More on the link

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