Wednesday, October 06, 2010

By paying more , you will appreciate it more 

And use it less .
This half right  idea has great appeal to governments who know that the people avoid doing what's good for them or who really refuse to listen to them .
While the government can hide behind a funded" .com "badge as they seem to be doing with "energywatch" these extra tax windfalls can be used to do allow ministers to play all sorts of games they never thought possible .eg Dream  Projects to make water and projects to invent new science ( confused with technology and not only that-- its often "old " technology) 
Our leaders use the new taxes to fund their favourites and guess what : Because they are not good scientists they back the slow horses or they back the latest horses ( that often have no weights in the saddlebags )
The popularity of simple ideas amongst polys and those who work for them is completely understandbale . The simple attractiveness of some new way to be effective always gets a lot of steam up because changing the way people behave requires great skill, patience and vigilance.
Good governance is like parenting ---an idea well put in the word "oikonomia" . The danger is NOW that we get leaders who don't like the idea of progress through pateince,  persistance and vigilance but who think it can come from making it hard with taxes and laws. The quickfixers-- make this site a favourite.

The recent outrageous increases with water and power are clear examples .   

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