Sunday, December 04, 2016

Mum and Dad governments make poor parents  

There may no grace and mercy there
"We should never have had a bill of human rights in Canada. That was an import of French Civil Law over top of English Common Law, and it was a mistake. In English Common Law, you have all the rights there are except those that are expressly forbidden by law. In the French system, you enumerate people's rights – that makes it look like rights are granted to you by the government, and that's not true." --Jordan Peterson


Friday, February 04, 2011

Nannies are nice but ineffective 

Someone who really cares( not always the government who say they do) will confront you . Goverenments think Laws help here but if we can't solve this at home , what hope is there for the law to solve things . After all
whose right - surely any good post modernist would say " whoever is sitting in the chair"
More here

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

By paying more , you will appreciate it more 

And use it less .
This half right  idea has great appeal to governments who know that the people avoid doing what's good for them or who really refuse to listen to them .
While the government can hide behind a funded" .com "badge as they seem to be doing with "energywatch" these extra tax windfalls can be used to do allow ministers to play all sorts of games they never thought possible .eg Dream  Projects to make water and projects to invent new science ( confused with technology and not only that-- its often "old " technology) 
Our leaders use the new taxes to fund their favourites and guess what : Because they are not good scientists they back the slow horses or they back the latest horses ( that often have no weights in the saddlebags )
The popularity of simple ideas amongst polys and those who work for them is completely understandbale . The simple attractiveness of some new way to be effective always gets a lot of steam up because changing the way people behave requires great skill, patience and vigilance.
Good governance is like parenting ---an idea well put in the word "oikonomia" . The danger is NOW that we get leaders who don't like the idea of progress through pateince,  persistance and vigilance but who think it can come from making it hard with taxes and laws. The quickfixers-- make this site a favourite.

The recent outrageous increases with water and power are clear examples .   

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Greens legacy --suck eggs advice and ships that sink easily 

When Labor realise they have lost  election/s from following the Greens up a celestial path with no foundations ( ETS and sacred objects  next to your house ),  they too will be more careful about being caught up in mere good intentions and tokenism .
Labor may be into proper process and paperwork more than the Libs,   but the Greens are the real offenders when it comes to generating unnecessary paperwork . Their legacy of meddling means mountains of PS machinery to deal with it  .( Take the way tree worship and green driven NVR legislation worship like native vegetation preoccupations  have become the biggest boatload of untenable bullsh ever   )

Its good to have a party that has an interest in important things , but its also good that they are not in charge . Otherwise,  they would soon learn at our expense , that that have a lot to learn . At the moment however , they are nuisance value ; They have power,  but its largely just noise power and power to make presses print .They use this power to tell us that the incumbents have a lot to learn ( takes one to know one ,perhaps?) , so they write and talk ad infinitum about it - as if the reigning powers aren't aware . Those of us who know how to apply our knowledge of complex environmental matters see this talk as "suck eggs advice" as do many practical thinking aussies . And unless you agnowledge you are ignoring those who study , learn and practice the bureau bull will continue .
Leaving the greens in charge would be like going to a quack when a qualified doctor is available .

The problem with the greens is they are forever learning / writing talking but  never coming to a mature understanding of ecomia - the real environmentalists challenge of the new millennium.
They make a lot of noise,  and thats' annoying . As noise makers and notaries they eventually get  a few people active in the public service where mediocrity and a lack of acerbic wisdom suits the crowd . ( I wonder how many of Penny Wongs group will have jobs as scientists in the PS in ten years. The point is,  Labor will realise they listened to closely to all the noise from the impractical greens. Then " what use is all the talk - even from so called scientists,  when this noisy crowd  clearly don't know how to put it into practice  --but won't admit it" - the now clear history of the ETS  )

Noise makers eventually produce paper and require responses and writers . Before long the parliament and the press are doing little else but address letters from the worriers  and concerned environmentalists. The result is a lot of tinkering a round the edges ( Everyone knows noisy's get attention  )  and  a well paying  and growing press feed  source called fearmongery.
At the end of the day noise is just noise , but if you don't train and show yourselves competent to talk the noise just keeps coming and the ships keep sinking .

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hopping mad they are 

NO charter of RIGHTS . 
The worriers are hopping mad because the Feds won't back their campaign for a human rights bill. 
The dodgy brothers have been busy making lots of little laws that will legislate to make people good . 
It would be alright if such a system worked,  but like so many ideas from the concrete bunkers of the cave dwelers , its not practical ( except for those with deep pockets ).  
Get out in the real world you cloistered bureaubrats and reactionaries  

Monday, March 29, 2010

Mark Weber has to tell Brumby the obvious 

Your running a nanny state mate ! Why doesn't he see it himself ?
What can Mr Brumby do?
The disease is rampant and many sourced .
One thing he can do this week -------
Stop the fanatical elements in his inner circle from trying to control the world with mere words (The EOA) . The jewel in the crown of Victoria's legal system( the appeals court) is overloaded with all the attention it gets from the dumbest school of all;  the school of mere description.
Now they want VCAT to look at job decscriptions and see whether they conform to the mere words polys have chosen.

Hulls thinks he's improving education . Maybe He and Gillard would solve all our education problems if they got together ? Maybe a bit of power has gone to their heads

Thursday, March 18, 2010

We can look after you, and we will ! 

Rudd s team on the revolution trail   Early 2010
What are you - godlike ?
(Can't believe the last post on this blog was in 2005 ).

So what has all this got to do with Rudd' s team at the start of autumn 2010?
The strange belief that the bureau is going to lead the revolution . Not only the health revolution but the education revolution,  and last but not least the hot air revolution .
You haven't heard of the hot air revolution ( you probably won't after this year because it was mostly hot air) it was the attempt to reign in the invisible forcing agents of disaster for our planet. WoW
I guess if the Labor party under Rudd is GOD , then they can do anything and going on the way we pysch ourselves up to being what we are not - we must have self belief to |WIN its rational in a funny short term fiz kind of way.
This is not a football game . This is a paper warfare and while no blood is being split in the office it must be the greatest bit of false ambition and useless logomachy in modern history . More on the link

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